Did Joe lie to Demi about breakup?

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While Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas broke up a few months ago, we can’t help but to wonder why Joe broke up with Demi? According to Demi they stopped dating because Joe couldn’t handle all the public attention they were getting together and he wanted some space.

Space is understandable in a relationship, but if Joe wanted space, why did he almost immediately start dating Twilight star Ashley Greene and have no problem kissing her in public in front of the paparazzi? It sounds to us like Joe Jonas is quiet the player with the ladies if you want our opinion on the situation. That is really to bad though because Demi is a really sweet and talented girl that doesn’t deserve to be treated like that especially by someone who claims to be her best friend!

What do you think? Should Demi still be friends with Joe after how he has handled everything? We say run away as fast as you can girl and don’t look back, you can do so much better.

[via Disnology]


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2 Responses to Did Joe lie to Demi about breakup?

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  2. jblover says:

    I really don’t know what went wrong. If joe wants some peace he should isolate himself in an islanda and stay single forever.
    He didn’t get as much attention with demi as he is getting now with ashley greene, specially with the purity ring controversy.
    I say that there’s something more behind their break up that neither is telling.
    Hopefully they’ll write a song in their upcomming albums to give us a clue

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