Miley’s new video is pretty tame!

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The Parents Television Council blasts Miley Cyrus’ latest music video “Who Owns My Heart,” for being too racy. Here’s what yensid has to say:

“First, have you seen what passes for music videos these days – this is pretty tame! Would I let a young girl watch it, no. I sincerely doubt they will be showing this one on Disney Channel and young girls should not be watching MTV. Miley is about to turn 18, she has every right to move on.

Second, it isn’t a blind fold (indicating something has gone on in the bed) – it is an eye mask for sleeping(indicating in the beginning that she has been sleeping and at the end that she has dreamed the whole thing)! The point is she dreamed this (here’s a clue: teenagers think these things), not that she actually acted this out (it isn’t condoning acting this way in real life).

the only terrible thing here is: 1.few people actually watch this and figure it out before they go off whining about it and hyping it as this article does. 2. the god awful shoulder pads – bleh!!!

I am no fan of Cyrus, but let’s at least use some common sense and reason before going off (yet again!) on one of these videos. All you are doing is giving something you dislike a whole lot of attention – and playing right into their hands! This controversy is exactly what they aim for every time – and you hand it to them in spades!”
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