Selena claims to still be “BFF” with Demi Lovato!

Selena Gomez recently gave an interview to El Paradiario and was asked about Demi Lovato. She claims that they are still BFF, and even says that she has no hard feelings towards Miley. Here are some of the highlights from the interview.

On Chilean fans: ‘I have been told that is a beautiful country with very friendly and affectionate. The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato also spoke highly of their fans. I do not know how I got mine, but publicly say they are a very entertaining, enthusiastic and eager to sing & dance. I like the idea of having a passionate public..’

On her rivalry with Demi and Miley: ‘Many may believe that if there is some rivalry between us, whether our ages, the music, by the programs we do, etc, but it is not. With Demi are friends since we were 6 years from when we first met working on the TV show ‘Barney.’ She is my best friend, like Miley, we respect our careers and our friendship and there is much admiration, mutual admiration, it makes us keep our friendship to all..’

On dating Nick Jonas, Taylor Lautner & Justin Bieber: ‘Well, Nick is a lovely guy, we’re good friends and I enjoy his company, Taylor is one of the most beautiful people I have met lately and Justin, another lovely guy, very good friend.’ If you had not been an artist, what would you be? ‘I think a teacher or chef, because I love cooking and everything to do with food..’

What music are you listening to? ‘I listen to everything, but I would say FTSK, Ella Fitzgerald, Jason Mraz and John Mayer to name a few.’ What else are you doing? ‘Continue to learn to play guitar, piano and wants to consolidate as an actress, grow as an actor, doing plays and different things..’

Describe your Chile show: ‘I’ll be with my band The Scene and we will play like an hour and fifteen minutes. It will be a very busy show, where I sing most of my songs from both albums, there will be some covers of ‘Pilot’ and ‘Pat Benatar’, itself a lot of variety and rhythm to dance and sing.

Do you believe Selena or do you think they grew apart? I would like to think that they are, but you never see them together anymore or hear one talking about the other. So it is really is tough to believe her without proof.



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