Justin Bieber’s ‘Swagger Coach’ Reveals How The Biebs Got So Smooth With The Ladies!

Designer clothes, love letters and Swedish Fish — Ryan Good reveals how Justin stays fly!

Justin Bieber is definitely the coolest 16-year-old around, and the man behind his attitude is speaking out!

Ryan Good, the 24-year-0ld former Usher assistant who is now Justin’s “Swagger C0ach,” shared some of his secrets with the New York Post, including the best ways to woo a girl.

“Scribble [a love note] on the hotel paper and drop it in the mail. Nobody does that anymore,” Ryan says.


Simple tips from Ryan have greatly increased Justin’s confidence with the ladies.

“He knows more about love and relationships now,” says Justin’s manager Scooter Braun. “He’s getting to a place where he’s asking real questions. Like, ‘When do I call her?’ and ‘Why is she playing with my head?’”

Ryan, who also acts as Justin’s stylist and BFF, als0 has several other unconventional tips which have helped to revolutionize Justin’s attitude, such as “only eat red Swedish Fish” and “go 100 percent when playing Nerf basketball.”

It seems like Ryan’s smooth moves helped to put Justin on Selena Gomez’s radar!

Thanks hollywoodlife.


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