Is Selena still a disney “GOOD GIRL”?

Disneys good girl Selena Gomez has finally stepped out with younger boyfriend Justin Bieber. First the couple were at a hotel together – they even shared a room. Then, the two attended the Vanity Fair party and a picture surfaced of the two kissing in public.

But, there was a picture which got people wondering.. Is Selena really that sweet, goody good on Disney? Look on the left, bottom right picture.

Selena is shoving Justin’s face to kiss her boob!

Then, Selena and Justin stepped out today, cuddling, kissing and Selena flipped off the paps!

Do you think Selena’s changing?


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3 Responses to Is Selena still a disney “GOOD GIRL”?

  1. ChrstRosta says:

    OMG SHEZ SOoOoOoO luky! I luv Jbiebs<333333 Omg i want to jus kizz him so much. I HTE HER! She's ugly. I'm beter. Come to me justin!

  2. Oliviaaa :) says:

    she proberbly didnt mean it in that way… she was just having a bit of a laugh.. shes 18 and youu are allowed to hav fun 😉 xxx

  3. Megan says:

    …She’s just being a teenager. Really? you all make a story out of EVERYTHING! He’s laying his head against her chest, not her boob. and she’s definitely moving her hair not flipping anyone off.

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