Selena Justin ignore fans at their hotel fan story:

From Michelle:

I heard Selena and Justin were at the St. Regis, and I freaked out because I didn’t live so far away! I went with a friend, and we saw some other fans waiting so we went to wait with them. Justin came down, and I freaked out! I ran up to him and said something like, “Justin. I love you. Please, can I get a picture with you”. He kind of brushed us off, and mumbled.. “Later.” 5 minutes later Selena passed by, and everyone thought she’d be nicer and take pics with us. We all asked her and she just ignored us. We saw her go over to talk to a security guard and a minute later, that security came over to yell at us. He told us we need to respect their privacy, and he made us go outside of the hotel. An hour later while waiting outside we saw them, they came to check out and at first they were ignoring us as we begged for pictures… finally, Selena went into the car and Justin took a picture as a group. But he rushed, and when it was done, he just ran right into his car. I thought they were rude, but I’m still a huge Justin fan and I’m so glad I saw him!


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One Response to Selena Justin ignore fans at their hotel fan story:

  1. Megan says:

    How is not wanting to deal with screaming fans being rude? Just saying, you DO need to respect their privacy. If they don’t want to take pictures with you just let them be. Do not beg for their attention. Justin probably only took a quick picture to shut everyone up.

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